Your Insurance Company has its Adjuster... shouldn’t You?
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Sam Adams of Home Pro
is a General Contractor
working on the Evergreen
Apartment Complex fire,
insured by United Heritage.
Mr. Adams can be reached
at 208.461.5000.
Michael and Becky Rice,
residents of the Evergreen
Apartments, had a renter’s
policy with State Farm.
Becky can be reached at
Barbara Gibson, involved
in a vehicle incident, is
insured by American Family
Insurance. She can be
reached at 801.603.6839.
Alissa Gamble had a
house fire and is insured by
Farm Bureau. Alissa can be
reached at 208.283.2996.
P.O. Box 966
Meridian, Idaho 83680
Office: 208.286.6294
Specializing in:
• Fire Loss
• Water Damage
• Mold Issues
• Business Interruption
• Personal Injury from
  Auto Accident
Rhonda Sheets - Adjuster
Licensed and Bonded by the
State of Idaho through the
Department of Insurance.
Idaho #296928
Oregon #225039
Washington #865949
Have you ever had an insurance claim denied?
Are you unhappy with an insurance settlement?
Do you need help understanding your rights before, during, or after an insurance claim?
Northwest Public Adjusting is an insurance claims adjuster who is an advocate for you and paid by the
policyholder in appraising and negotiating an insurance claim. Public Adjusters exist because of the unequal
bargaining power between you, the insured who has suffered a loss, and the insurer who holds their
insurance proceeds pending resolution of the claim. Northwest Public Adjusting is licensed by the State of
Idaho through the Department of Insurance and are the only type of claims adjuster, aside from attorneys,
that can legally represent the rights of the insured during an insurance claim process.
Typically, most Public Adjusters are paid on a percentage of the total settlement they negotiate. The Public
Adjuster’s fee may be justified by success in these negotiations, It is not uncommon to see a significant
increase in the settlement once a Public Adjuster is hired by the policyholder.
In short, Northwest Public Adjusting has the knowledge and skills to work with the insurance companies to
make certain the policyholder gets the maximum amount of reimbursement for both easily noticeable damage
and more hidden damages. They obviate certain difficulties in negotiating with insurance companies.
Northwest Public Adjusting fosters the policyholder’s best interests in the case of an insurance claim.
Northwest Public Adjusting represents the insured and never any insurance company. When a loss occurs,
insurance companies send their own adjuster to insure that their own interests are protected. We are here for
you to see that your interests are protected and duly compensated.  It is our desire to see that you, the
insured, understand the complicated terms of your policy and we would be working closely with you to
negotiate a fair settlement.
So, if you can answer “Yes” to any of the questions above...then give us a call today!
Licensed in Idaho, Oregon and Washington